Single Family Rental Expert Alex Hemani

Have you wondered why you can’t find any information about the people behind some companies that claim to buy your home for cash? It makes us suspicious too!

We Buy Homes In USA was founded by real estate investor and single family rental pioneer, Alex Hemani. We are located in Plano, TX, a suburb of Dallas. Since 2006, Alex has amassed a single-family rental portfolio and completed over 1,000 single-family real estate transactions.

Today, Alex has a team of real estate professionals empowered to evaluate your home and make you a solid cash offer on the spot. We Buy Homes In USA is a principal buyer – we will make you a cash offer and buy your home and add it to our portfolio of professionally managed rental properties.

We Buy Homes In USA has many satisfied sellers, and is accredited with the highest possible rating from the better Business Bureau.